TEG offers classes for all ages, teaching and using the appropriate method in each case, and allowing progressive progress.


One of the definitions of Yoga is “skill in action”, and for us tennis is an action and situation that requires a skill of the highest level.
We try to make the technique to solve these situations the most appropriate, insisting that it be an “effortless” and “fluid” action. Creativity.
We try to accustom the student to know how to respond from any situation within the track “There is no Truth in tennis“, all styles are valid, aggressive , counter-pouncher,net player … etc, we try to discover the qualities of each player and so that maximum space is given to develop it.

All sessions are well organized and follow the protocol indicated for each of the levels:

  • Introduction to class
  • Heating
  • Specific work: drills with basket /work of blows /game situations
  • live ball (without basket)
  • Points
  • Farewell


  • At TEG we work with a specific fitness program for tennis.

  • In our work plan we contemplate the phase of the year in which the player is to influence more or less in each of the following aspects: movement on court technique, strength, power, speed, balance, coordination, injury prevention and aerobic / anaerobic capacity

Organization of
Clinics / Pro-Am

To promote adult tennis, TEG organizes tennis clinics with different types of topics, as well as Pro-Am tournaments.